Facade Glass Installation

All kind of glass Block installation and replacement services

We at glass Cleaning Service we provide various other services such as outdoor glass block installation, indoor-outdoor glass door, façade glass installation, glass façade fittings or façade glass replacement. These all accessories are used to make windows functional as well as decorative. It allows or restrict lights from outdoors. You too can install the windows by your own with the help pf spacers and mortar. These glass windows are best way to add elegance to your bathroom. You can hire a professional if you are not that much skilled.

We are one of professional service provider and we follow some necessary steps:-

  • We use right tool and glass block
  • To create whole blocks plan your projects.
  • Blend the glass mortar agreeing to the commands.
  • Position down a crib of mortar and put the first row of blocks.
  • Put the fitting spacers among the blocks.
  • Connect anchors and reinforcing rods every 2 feet to deliver métier and constancy to your glass block system.
  • Tool the junctions.
  • Sanitize any stray mortar of the blocks with a moist cloth.
  • Cover the edge and joints once the mortar is totally set.

We have specialist that are good in installing and cleaning the folding door, sliding doors or windows, French door etc. We install high performance architectural window which allows flexibility. HSW- Horizontal Sliding Wall are multiple section door system and are operated with single track system. And are mostly used in restaurants, hotels or lounges to separate the sections.

We are good in installing the façade technology and we are engaged with decades. We have leading international clients. Structural glass facades are simply considered as the structure types that livelihood them. Façade structure varies with transparency, design flexibility, spanning capacity, reactions, deflections, design complexity, constructability, maintenance or cost. We install façade glass in buildings, storefronts in malls, hospitals etc. Our professional service teams can fit anything, however we do offer installing, and cleaning and removal service of glass block windows, auxiliary windows or motorized glass. We offer reliable service and serve commercial as well residential projects.

We offer multiple service like repairing and fixing the hardware, commercial glass replacement, windows or doors repairs etc. We have opted service holders that can fit the glass windows to your home or office. We use high grade quality of glass and have tied up with authorizer vendors for supreme grade materials.

Our glasses have several features:-

  • They are scratch free
  • Large and smooth glazed
  • Gives a transparent and clear look.
  • Our installing services include several place:-

    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Outlets
    • Offices
    • Showrooms
    • Hospitals
    • Complex

    We have no hidden charges and the charging fees is asked before starting the project. We guarantee once the project is completed by us, not require a repairing service since long. Our fitting glass include precise dimensions, competitive price and durability with high quality. We use modern technology for installing the façade windows and our known for timely execution or personalized approach. We too provide ACP Cladding, Window or Dorr fitting and Glazing services.

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